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What we do

The IT Factory is a technology consulting company, based in Portugal, that through its unique experience, and a vast knowledge of the various technological sectors and business functions, helps companies and Startups to grow and improve the functioning of their business.

We are totally focused and committed to the success of our clients and share with them a knowledge of excellence in both the technological component and the business component because our vision / mission is to give people the ability to live their dreams through their our own business and that is what motivates us so that one day we can achieve our goal of being the number 1 company of Europe in technological consulting.

Our path is sustained by the constant growth and development that is fueled by the will and energy to create and innovate every day, thus building an even more promising future.

How we differentiate

We have developed extensive experience in responding to the specific set of challenges and requirements that the creation and management of a business provides. We understand the needs of our customers and add real value to organizations through the competence and mastery of powerful solutions that allow them to have a competitive advantage so we offer a closed chain of services and solutions most relevant to your company ranging from Business Planning , fundraising, product development at market launch, we understand the needs, priorities and interdependencies of each and we consider them in every step we take.

We are committed to the quality of our services so with our dedication, responsibility and organization we work efficiently based on a series of characteristics that distinguishes us from other companies such as the transparent price or the flexibility of services where we allow the customer to decide how and when use our company's resources based on their vision. In addition, we differentiate ourselves in the relationship with our clients, partners and collaborators that we work with and respect and with whom we hope to share all the successes. 

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